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TRemoteDataModule = class(TProviderDataModule, IAppServer)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION DECLSPEC_DRTTI TRemoteDataModule : public TProviderDataModule


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Datasnap.DataBkr Datasnap.DataBkr


TRemoteDataModule encapsulates the objects and interfaces of an application server in a multi-tiered database application.

Use a TRemoteDataModule object as the central repository for all objects in an application server that is written in Delphi. Remote data modules can contain any nonvisual components. Typically these are data access components such as datasets and the provider components that handle communication between these datasets and client applications. Remote data modules can also contain other nonvisual components, such as TTimer, or TImageList.

At design time, a TRemoteDataModule object provides a visual container into which a developer can place nonvisual components, set their properties, and write event handlers for them. In the unit file for the remote data module, developers can also code any business rules that are to be centralized in the middle tier of a multi-tiered application.

Remote data modules are dual-interface Automation servers that implement the TRemoteDataModule interface.Connection components on client applications are designed to look for this interface.

To create a remote data module at design time, choose File > New > Other, and select Remote Data Module from the multi-tiered page of the new items dialog. If you are using Delphi, the Remote Data Module Wizard then creates a new descendant of TRemoteDataModule that supports an interface that descends from TRemoteDataModule.

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