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property OnGetData: TProviderDataEvent read FOnGetData write FOnGetData;


__property TProviderDataEvent OnGetData = {read=FOnGetData, write=FOnGetData};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event public
Datasnap.Provider TBaseProvider


Occurs after a provider retrieves data but before it is sent to the client.

Write an OnGetData event handler to perform any custom data processing the provider should handle before returning data to a client. The OnGetData event occurs after a provider fetches data from its dataset but before the data is sent on to the client. Using the methods of the DataSet parameter, data can be edited in the OnGetData event handler before sending it to the client dataset or XML broker.

Note: OnGetData occurs when the Data property is read, as well as when the GetRecords method is called.

OnGetData is an event handler of type Datasnap.Provider.TProviderDataEvent.

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