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property Options: TProviderOptions read FProviderOptions  write FProviderOptions default [poUseQuoteChar];


__property TProviderOptions Options = {read=FProviderOptions, write=FProviderOptions, default=32768};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Datasnap.Provider TBaseProvider


Influences what is included in data packets and how the information in data packets is used.

Set Options to customize how the provider communicates with client datasets. Options is a set that specifies:

  • Whether nested detail sets and BLOB data are included in data packets or fetched separately.
  • Whether data packets include field component properties such as formats, display names, and maximum & minimum values.
  • Whether data packets are provided on a read-only basis, and whether specific types of changes (insertions, edits, or deletions) are disabled.
  • Whether changes to master table fields should cause corresponding updates to detail tables.
  • Whether a single update can affect multiple server records.
  • Whether the client's records are refreshed when it applies updates.
  • Whether the client can send SQL statements that override the provider's dataset.

Note: Not all options are supported by an InternetExpress client. Specifically, InternetExpress clients don't support poFetchBlobsOnDemand, poFetchDetailsOnDemand, poDisableInserts, poDisableEdits, psDisableDeletes, poPropogateChanges, and poAllowCommandText.

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