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property OnGetTableName: TGetTableNameEvent read FGetTableName write FGetTableName;


__property TGetTableNameEvent OnGetTableName = {read=FGetTableName, write=FGetTableName};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event published
Datasnap.Provider TDataSetProvider


Occurs when a resolver initializes its information about the table to which it applies updates.

Write an OnGetTableName event handler to enable the provider to apply updates to datasets where the resolver can't determine the target table from the provider's dataset. When the resolver component is initialized, it stores the name of the table that is the target of its updates. This table name can be used in generated SQL statements that apply the updates. When the dataset is a TTable, the resolver can use the table's TableName property. However, i If the dataset represents a multi-table query or stored procedure, the resolver has no way to determine the destination of the update without input from an OnGetTableName event handler.

Return the name of the target table as the TableName parameter. The resolver uses this to apply updates.

OnGetTableName is an event handler of type Datasnap.Provider.TGetTableNameEvent.

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