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TPacketDataSet = class(TCustomClientDataSet)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TPacketDataSet : public Datasnap::Dbclient::TCustomClientDataSet


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Datasnap.Provider Datasnap.Provider


TPacketDataSet represents a data packet or delta packet that is used by a provider.

TPacketDataSet represents a data packet that a provider creates to represent its dataset's records and metadata or a delta data packet that a provider receives when it should apply updates. Provider components create instances of TPacketDataSet to represent data packets before they are sent to clients and to represent delta packets after they are received from clients.

TPacketDataSet provides a convenient way for providers and resolvers to work with data packets. As a descendant of TCustomClientDataSet, TPacketDataSet allows providers and resolvers to use any of the standard dataset properties and methods to manipulate the data packet's records. In addition, TPacketDataSet introduces new properties and methods that describe what information goes into the data packet or how updates should be applied.

Applications do not need to work directly with packet datasets. They are mainly of use to component writers who want to create custom provider components.

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