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property InterceptGUID: string read GetInterceptGUID write SetInterceptGUID;


__property System::UnicodeString InterceptGUID = {read=GetInterceptGUID, write=SetInterceptGUID};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property protected
Datasnap.Win.SConnect TStreamedConnection


Specifies the GUID of a COM object that manipulates interface calls before they are sent or after return values are received.

Set InterceptGUID to the GUID of a COM object that intercepts messages between the connection component and an application server before they are sent and after they are received.

The COM object must implement the IDataIntercept interface. Use the IDataIntercept methods to manipulate the data that is communicated using the socket connection. For example, applications can use these methods to encrypt and decrypt data or to compress and decompress data.

Tip: To specify the COM object that intercepts messages using a ProgID instead of a GUID, use the InterceptName property instead.

Note: When using InterceptGUID, the server must use the same COM object to undo the transformation performed by the socket connection component's InterceptGUID. For servers that respond to TSocketConnection, you can set the server's InterceptGUID to the same GUID using the Socket server dialog of ScktSrvr.exe.

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