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TPropertyEditor = class(TBasePropertyEditor, IProperty, IPropertyKind, IProperty70)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TPropertyEditor : public Designintf::TBasePropertyEditor


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
DesignEditors DesignEditors


TPropertyEditor is a base class for property editors that implements the IProperty interface.

Use TPropertyEditor or one of its descendants as a base class when defining a property editor for a specialized property in a new component class. TPropertyEditor has several descendants that can be used to set the values of properties with simple types. Create specialized property editors to allow users to set more complicated property values from the Object Inspector.

Unlike its ancestor, TBasePropertyEditor, TPropertyEditor contains no abstract (or, in C++ terminology, pure virtual) methods and provides a default implementation for the IProperty interface that the Object Inspector uses to communicate with property editors.

Individual descendants of TPropertyEditor are displayed based on the type of the property being edited. Individual property editors can be associated with all properties of a specified type, or with a particular property of a particular component class. To create the association between a property editor and a property type, call RegisterPropertyEditor. Once the property editor is registered, it appears when the user attempts to edit an appropriate property using the Object Inspector.

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