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ISelectionEditor = interface


__interface  INTERFACE_UUID("{B91F7A78-BB2C-45D9-957A-8A45A2D30435}") ISelectionEditor  : public System::IInterface


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
DesignIntf DesignIntf


Provides support for editing components selected in the form designer.

This interface performs functions similar to IComponentEditor but is not limited to one participant at a time. When an editor menu is needed, Delphi will look at all of the selected objects and allow all selection editors that can match them to participate in the menu construction and selection.

A selection editor is selected by finding the most derived common ancestor of all the components in the selection and then finding the selection editor that was registered for that class or its closest ancestor. For example, if you register a selection editor for TControl and TButton and a button and a label are selected, the TControl selection editor will be created because TControl is their common ancestor. But if two TButtons are selected, the TButton selection editor will be created. In other words, all the components in the selection are guaranteed, by the designer, to be at least derived from the class for which the selection editor is registered.

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