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TDemandLoadState = (dlDefault, dlDisable, dlEnable);


enum DECLSPEC_DENUM TDemandLoadState : unsigned char { dlDefault, dlDisable, dlEnable };


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
enum public
DesignIntf DesignIntf


Specifies whether the IDE should use smart (lazy) loading of design-time packages installed in the IDE.

TDemandLoadState is used in the ForceDemandLoadState method to explicitly set the loading state for a package that should be used as the design-time package installed in the IDE. Call ForceDemandLoadState during the implementation of the Register procedure of a package if the loading state of that package needs to be set explicitly.

TDemandLoadState defines the following values.

Value Meaning


Specifies that the IDE should use smart (lazy) loading of design-time packages installed in the IDE. When the IDE starts, the IDE does not immediately load all installed packages. Initially, only the installed packages components which are explicitly used in the project group are loaded by the IDE. Packages that are not loaded, can be automatically loaded on demand. For example, when the programmer drags a component from the Tool Palette into the Form Designer, then the package in which this component is registered is loaded into the IDE. Smart loading is used to decrease the IDE opening time and used memory.
This is the default value.


Disables smart loading. When the IDE starts, the IDE always loads all installed packages.


The system itself defines whether to use smart loading of installed packages.

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