EMS.Services.IEMSModuleResourceRequest Methods

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AddRefpublicIncrements the reference count for this interface.
CreateRequestContentpublicCreates the payload content of an EMS Resource request.
CreateRequestContextpublicCreates the context of an EMS Resource request.
DeletepublicExecutes a DELETE resource request.
ExecutepublicExecutes the specified resource request and returns its response.
GetpublicExecutes a GET resource request
GetModuleNamepublicGetter of ModuleName.
PatchpublicExecutes a PATCH resource request
PostpublicExecutes a POST resource request
PutpublicExecutes a PUT resource request
QueryInterfacepublicReturns a reference to a specified interface if the object supports that interface.
ReleasepublicDecrements the reference count for this interface.
SupportspublicIndicates whether a given interface supports a specific (another) interface.