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The FMX.ActnList unit has the same purpose for FireMonkey as Vcl.ActnList for VCL. The FMX.ActnList unit contains the base classes for working with actions in FireMonkey.

All similar classes have the same names in both FMX.ActnList and Vcl.ActnList units.

RAD Studio's implementation of actions uses the following three most important types of action classes:

Actions allow an application to centralize the response to user commands. When an action link associates a client with an action, the action determines the appropriate properties and events of the client (such as whether the client is enabled or how it responds to an OnClick event).
Package fmx280.bpl


IActionClientInterface used by the framework to access an action in a class.
ICaptionIf an object supports the ICaption interface, when the text of the object changes, the Text must also be changed.
IGlyphDeclares basic methods and properties used to manage lists of images.
IGroupNameThe IGroupName interface provides access to the GroupName property for controls that need to provide exclusive checking inside a group.
IIsCheckedThe IIsChecked interface provides access to the IsChecked property for controls that can be checked.
IKeyShortcutInterface used to access the Shortcut property of some classes.
TActionTAction is the base class for FireMonkey action objects. TAction and descendant classes implement actions to be used with controls, menu items, and tool buttons. The published properties and events of TAction actions can be managed in the Object Inspector at design time.
TActionLinkThe action link connects an action to a client (a control, menu item, or tool button).
TActionLinkClassTActionLinkClass defines the metaclass for TActionLink.
TActionListMaintains a list of actions that can be used by components such as controls, menu items, and tool buttons.
TCustomActionTCustomAction is a base class for FireMonkey actions intended to be used with menu items and controls.
TCustomViewActionA base class for actions that show a specified component when executed.
TShortCutListTShortCutList provides the FMX implementation of framework-specific features from the System.Actions.TCustomShortCutList class.


TextToShortCutReturns the code representation that matches the specified string representation of a shortcut.


TOnBeforeShowType of events used for taking specific actions before the view action is executed.
TOnCreateComponentType of events used for taking specific actions when the target component is created.