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property Enabled: Boolean read FEnabled write SetEnabled default False;


__property bool Enabled = {read=FEnabled, write=SetEnabled, default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
FMX.Ani TAnimation


Starts the animation during the initialization of the runtime.

Set Enabled to True to start the animation immediately after the animation instance is created and attached to its parent. Set Enabled at design time in the Object Inspector for the TAnimation or when the TAnimation is created dynamically. With Enabled set to True, you do not have to execute the TAnimation Start method. You can also set Enabled to True anytime to start the animation, but you must set Enabled to False and then to True again to run the animation a second time. Also, if you set Enabled to False before the animation completes, setting Enabled back to True will start the animation from the current value if StartFromCurrent is True, otherwise it will rerun the animation from the StartValue.

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