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property OnDateSelected: TNotifyEvent read GetOnDateSelected write SetOnDateSelected;


__property OnDateSelected;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event published
FMX.Calendar TCalendar


Occurs when the day is modified.

Write an OnDateSelected event handler to respond to the change of the day from the TCalendar's current date. OnDateSelected occurs only for an explicit day change.

OnDateSelected will not occur when the month or year is modified.

For example, OnDateSelected will not occur if the date is changed from October 17 to November 17. Although, for some special cases, increasing the month or year will result in changing the day (for example, from October 31 increasing the month by one will lead to November 30), OnDateSelected will not be triggered.

Note: The difference between OnDateSelected and OnChange is that OnChange occurs at any modification made to the TCalendar's date, while OnDateSelected occurs only when the day is modified.

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