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TCustomEdit = class(TPresentedControl, ITextActions, IVirtualKeyboardControl, IItemsContainer, ITextSettings,
IReadOnly, ICaret)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TCustomEdit : public Fmx::Controls::Presentation::TPresentedControl


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.Edit FMX.Edit


TCustomEdit is the base class from which all FireMonkey edit boxes and memo controls are derived.

TCustomEdit encapsulates the behavior common to all components for editing text by introducing methods and properties that provide:

  • Basic text editing functions such as selecting text, modifying selected text, and case conversions.
  • Ability to respond to changes in the contents of the text.
  • Access control of the text for making it read-only or introducing a password character to hide the actual value.

When not in focus, TCustomEdit does not draw a selection rectangle even though the user has selected the text. You can verify whether the text is selected by using the SelText property.

Do not create instances of TCustomEdit. Use TCustomEdit as a base class when declaring control objects that permit the user to enter or modify text. Properties and methods of TCustomEdit provide basic behavior that descendant classes inherit, as well as behavior that components can override to customize their behavior.

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