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property Forms[Index: Integer]: TCommonCustomForm read GetForm;


__property TCommonCustomForm* Forms[int Index] = {read=GetForm};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
FMX.Forms TScreen


Lists Normal and StayOnTop forms currently created in the application.

Forms contains all Normal and StayOnTop forms currently created in the application but Forms does not include Popup forms. Pop-up forms are listed by PopupForms.

Use Forms to access a form by Index. The value of Index is a number in the range from zero (the first form) through FormCount - 1. Forms can be used with FormCount when an application needs to iterate over all its Normal and StayOnTop forms.

Tip: The order in which Forms lists its forms is affected by the z-order of forms. Do not change the z-order of forms when using Forms to iterate over forms in an application.

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