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Package fmx280.bpl


IBitmapObjectInterface that defines an object that contains a bitmap.
IBrushObjectInterface that defines an object that contains a brush.
ICanvasObjectInterface that defines an object that contains a canvas.
IFMXSystemFontServicePlatform service to get the default font family of the system.
IFontObjectInterface that defines an object that contains a TFont.
IPathObjectInterface that defines an object that contains a path.
ITextSettingsDeclares methods and properties to manage the most common text representation properties of general text objects independently of the particular types of these objects.
TAbstractPrinterTAbstractPrinter is just the synonym for the TPersistent class.
TBitmapTBitmap is an encapsulation of a bitmap.
TBitmapCodecManagerTBitmapCodecManager is the base class for the system TBitmap encoder/decoder.
TBitmapObjectBase class for all objects that contain or manipulate bitmaps.
TBrushTBrush represents the color and pattern used to fill solid shapes or to stroke the outline of shapes.
TBrushBitmapTBrushBitmap instances are used to create a pattern for a TBrush from a bitmap, specifying its name and the wrapping mode.
TBrushObjectRepresents the class for brush objects.
TBrushResourceRepresents the class for brush resources.
TCanvasProvides an abstract drawing space for objects that must render their own images.
TCanvasClassTCanvasClass defines the metaclass for TCanvas.
TCanvasDestroyMessageMessage sent after an instance of TCanvas is destroyed.
TCanvasManagerClass in charge with creating a canvas.
TCanvasSaveStateRepresents an object used to store the state (drawing and filling) of the canvas.
TColorObjectRepresents the class for color objects.
TCustomBitmapCodecTCustomBitmapCodec is the base class for the system TBitmap encoder/decoder.
TCustomBitmapCodecClassTCustomBitmapCodecClass is a class of TCustomBitmapCodec.
TFontTFont keeps font properties used to draw texts.
TFontColorForStateManages font colors used to draw text for different states of a GUI component containing a TTextSettings object.
TFontColorForStateClassThe metaclass for TFontColorForState.
TFontObjectRepresents the class for font objects.
TFontSlantHelperIt helps typing Font slant.
TFontStretchHelperIt helps type Font stretch.
TFontWeightHelperIs a helper for font weight type.
TGradientTGradient represents the class for gradient patterns.
TGradientPointTGradientPoint represents an item in a collection of gradient points.
TGradientPointsTGradientPoints is a container for TGradientPoint objects.
TImageTypeCheckerIs a helper class for BitmapCodec.
TPathDataTPathData represents a series of connected curves and lines.
TPathObjectBase class for all objects that contain or manipulate path data.
TPrinterCanvasProvides an abstract printer drawing space for objects that must render their own images.
TPrinterCanvasClassTPrinterCanvasClass defines the metaclass for TPrinterCanvas.
TStrokeBrushDetermines the color and pattern used to draw lines and shape contours.
TTextSettingsDefines properties and methods to store and manage appearance parameters of text objects.


PBitmapCodecSaveParamsPointer type to TBitmapCodecSaveParams.
PClipRectsPointer to TClipRects.
TBitmapCodecSaveParamsRecord that contains information about the quality of the encoder.
TBitmapDataDescribes a bitmap data.
TBrushKindSpecifies the style characteristics of a brush.
TClipRectsArray of TRectF.
TDashArrayInternally used type that represents an array of Singles.
TFillTextFlagSpecifies the filling direction of a text.
TFillTextFlagsSpecifies a set of TFillTextFlag.
TFontStyleExtIs an extended font style based on TFontStyles.
TGradientStyleSpecifies the characteristics of a gradient.
TMapAccessEnumeration type that defines the access to TBitmap data.
TPathPointDefines a TPathData point.
TPathPointKindDefines the TPathData points' kind.
TStrokeCapSpecifies the graphic style used to draw the ends of a line.
TStrokeDashSpecifies the dash-dot style to draw lines and shape contours.
TStrokeJoinSpecifies the style of the joints that connect the line segments of a shape or a path to be drawn.
TWrapModeSpecifies the wrapping mode for a bitmap.