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property OnCreateCustomEditor: TCreateCustomEditorEvent read GetOnCreateCustomEditor write SetOnCreateCustomEditor;


__property TCreateCustomEditorEvent OnCreateCustomEditor = {read=GetOnCreateCustomEditor, write=SetOnCreateCustomEditor};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event public
FMX.Grid TCustomGrid


Occurs before the creation of the editor for cells in a column.

Write an OnCreateCustomEditor event handler to take specific actions when a custom editor is created for this grid.

This event is called every time when the grid activates a cell editor. If a custom editor is not required, just do nothing in this event handler and the default editor is created.

The OnCreateCustomEditor event can by called from a presentation (depends on the implementation) to create a custom defined cell editors. Since the presentation does not know about a TCustomGrid object, the presentation calls TGridModel.OnCreateCustomEditor from the Model. For this reason, the TCustomGrid.OnCreateCustomEditor event handler is always the same as the TGridModel.OnCreateCustomEditor event handler of the Model.

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