FMX.Grid.TStringGridModel Properties

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AutoCalculateContentSizepublicIndicates that the size of the scrolling content is calculated automatically according to the size of the components in content. Otherwise, the value of the ContentSize property defines the content size.
AutoHidepublicDefines that the scrollbars hide automatically when the scroll is done.
BouncespublicIndicates if it is possible to scroll content abroad.
CacheprotectedInternal cache.
CellReturnActionpublicAction to take when a user presses the ENTER key on a cell editor.
CellspublicString values of the cells of the string model, accessible by column number and row number.
ColpublicColumn number of the selected cell, or -1 if there is no cell selected.
ColumnCountpublicNumber of columns in the grid.
ColumnspublicColumns of the grid, accessible by column number.
ContentBoundspublicReturns current content bounds if content bounds size is calculated.
ContentSizepublicCurrent content size.
DatapublicValue of the data model for the specified Key. Use it for sending any kind of data to presentation layer without creating custom model class.
DataSourcepublicA collection of key-value pairs that can represent an arbitrary custom data that the data model contains.
DataStoredpublicDetermines whether the model uses its internal cache to store all data (True) or only to store visible data (False).
DefaultDrawingpublicDetermines whether cells are drawn using the default drawing method (True) or using a user-defined drawing method (False).
DefaultTextSettingspublicDefault text settings.
DesignprotectedHandles whether the control using this TTextSettingsInfo object is in the design state.
DisableMouseWheelpublicDefines that the control has no reaction on MouseWheel event.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
EditorModepublicKeeps the value of the TGrid.EditorMode property determining whether the TGrid control is in edit mode (True) or not (False).
EffectiveRowHeightpublicActual height of each row in pixels.
EnabledpublicDetermines whether users can interact with the grid (True) or not (False).
EnabledScrollpublicEnables or disables scroll.
OptionspublicOptions of the grid.
OwnerpublicComponent that is responsible for destroying this data model once the data model is no longer necessary.
ReceiverpublicIndicates an object that receives notifications from the message sender.
RowpublicRow number of the selected cell, or -1 if there is no cell selected.
RowCountpublicNumber of rows in the grid.
RowHeightpublicDesired height of each row in pixels.
ScrollAnimationpublicEnables or disables scrolling animation.
ScrollDirectionspublicDefines the available scroll directions.
ShowScrollBarspublicDefines scrollbars visibility.
ShowSizeGrippublicShows a small control in the right-bottom corner of the scrollbox.
StyledSettingspublicStyle settings of the grid.
TextSettingspublicText settings of the grid.
TouchTrackingpublicDefines if the control reacts on touch events.
ViewportPositionpublicPosition of top-left point of view port at the ScrollBox content.
ViewportSizepublicReturns the size of displaying area.