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TImageList image lists provides centralized collections of images.

FMX.ImgList.TImageList unit defines image lists providing full-featured tools for using centralized collections of small images by GUI elements (controls, menus, and others) in your FireMonkey applications. The TImageList is convenient to use in multi-platform FireMonkey applications.

Each image in a list is formed using several multi-resolution bitmaps to ensure that images are properly displayed on devices having different screen densities and resolutions. The Image List Editor enables you to prepare and modify FireMonkey image lists.

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Package fmx270.bpl


TBitmapItemA bitmap item in a TMultiResBitmap multi-resolution bitmap.
TCustomDestinationItemAn item in a Destination collection in an ImageList.
TCustomImageListThe base class for FireMonkey image lists. TCustomImageList defines all methods and properties required to use image lists, but TCustomImageList does not declare any published properties.
TCustomSourceItemRepresents an item (without published properties) in a TSourceCollection collection.
TDestinationCollectionThe destination collection contains items referencing multi-resolution bitmaps used to form the final images in the ImageList image list.
TDestinationItemRepresents an item in a TDestinationCollection collection.
TGlyphEach TGlyph control has the Images reference to a TCustomImageList image list and displays the image identified by the ImageIndex property. The image is scaled to fully fit into the control area. TGlyph element is included in most styled controls.
TGlyphImageLinkA TGlyphImageLink object is used to install connection between an Images image list assigned to the TGlyph control and a component owning this TGlyph control.
TImageListFireMonkey image lists are collections of multi-resolution bitmaps.
TLayerRepresents a layer in a TLayers collection.
TLayersRepresents a collection containing TLayer layers.
TMultiResBitmapRepresents a multi-resolution bitmap used by a source item in an image list.
TSourceCollectionIs a container for TCustomSourceItem items containing an original images used in the image list owning this TSourceCollection collection.
TSourceItemRepresents an item in a TSourceCollection collection.