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Defines FireMonkey controls for list boxes.

Package fmx280.bpl


FMX.ListBoxDefines FireMonkey controls for list boxes.


TComboBoxA TComboBox is a button with a list box attached to it.
TComboListBoxRepresents the list box used by the combo box component.
TCustomComboBoxA TCustomComboBox is the base class for combo box components.
TCustomListBoxA TCustomListBox is the base class for list box components.
TListBoxA TListBox displays a set of items in a scrollable list.
TListBoxGroupFooterA list item that marks the end of a group of list items.
TListBoxGroupHeaderA list item that marks the beginning of a group of list items.
TListBoxHeaderAn item that represents the header of a list box.
TListBoxItemA TListBoxItem is an item that is used in list box components.
TListBoxItemDataHolds the information associated to a list box item.
TListBoxItemStyleDefaultsContains the default StyleLookup values for the list box item.
TListBoxSelectorBase class for selection controllers.
TListBoxSelectorFactoryA factory to create and register selectors based on multi-selection styles.
TListBoxSeparatorItemAn item that marks a section in a list box.
TMetropolisUIListBoxItem TMetropolisUIListBoxItem is a helper control for Windows 8 style applications, and is comprised of three text labels and an image icon.


TListGroupingKindSpecifies how the items in the same group are displayed.
TListStyleSpecifies the direction in which the items in the list box are displayed.
TOnCompareListBoxItemEventTOnCompareListBoxItemEvent is an event type used by the OnCompare event handler.
TOnListBoxDragChangeTOnListBoxDragChange is an event type used by the OnDragChange event handler of any TCustomListBox or descendant components.