FMX.ListBox.TComboListBox Events

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OnActivatepublicOccurs when the window where this control gains the focus, and the control of the window that has the focus is either this control itself or a descendant of this control.
OnApplyStyleLookuppublicOccurs when a style is applied to the control.
OnCanFocuspublicOccurs when a control can receive focus.
OnChangeprotectedOccurs when the selection in the list box changes.
OnChangeCheckprotectedOccurs when the check box attached to a list item changes its state.
OnClickpublicOccurs when the control is clicked.
OnCompareprotectedOccurs when two list items are compared.
OnDblClickpublicOccurs when the left mouse button is double-clicked with the pointer over the control.
OnDeactivatepublicOccurs when the window where this control is loses the focus while this control or a descendant of this control has the focus.
OnDragChangeprotectedOccurs after a drag-and-drop operation.
OnDragDroppublicOccurs when a dragged control is dropped.
OnDragEndpublicOccurs when the dragging of a control ends.
OnDragEnterpublicOccurs when a dragged object enters the area of the current control.
OnDragLeavepublicOccurs when a dragged object leaves the area of the current control.
OnDragOverpublicOccurs when a dragged object is over the area of the current control.
OnEnterpublicOccurs when the control receive input focus.
OnExitpublicOccurs when the input focus is taken from the control.
OnGesturepublishedOccurs when you perform a gesture associated with this control.
OnHScrollChangepublicRaises when the horizontal scrollbar value was changed.
OnItemClickpublicOccurs immediately after clicking an item from the listbox.
OnKeyDownpublicOccurs when a key is pressed while the control has focus.
OnKeyUppublicOccurs when a key is released while the control has focus.
OnMouseDownpublicOccurs when a mouse button is pressed over a control.
OnMouseEnterpublicOccurs when the mouse cursor enters the area of the control.
OnMouseLeavepublicOccurs when the mouse cursor leaves the control area.
OnMouseMovepublicOccurs when the mouse cursor moves while over the control area.
OnMouseUppublicOccurs when the mouse button that was pressed over the control is released.
OnMouseWheelpublicOccurs when the mouse wheel moves while the control has focus.
OnPaintpublicOccurs when the control is redrawn.
OnPaintingpublicOccurs when the control is painted.
OnResizepublicOccurs immediately after the control is resized.
OnTappublishedOccurs when a user taps the control using a finger or a similar device (not a mouse).
OnVScrollChangepublicRaises when the vertical scrollbar value was changed.