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TObjectAppearance = class abstract (TInterfacedPersistent, IDesignablePersistent)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TObjectAppearance : public System::Classes::TInterfacedPersistent


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FMX.ListView.Appearances FMX.ListView.Appearances


Abstract base class for object appearances that belong to a set of appearance objects.

Object appearances can be used to customize the appearance of a list view item. An object appearance describes the graphical appearance of an object that belongs to a list item. The set of appearance objects that owns an object appearance uses its object appearances to create list item drawables for list items.

This is a list of built-in object appearance classes that you may use:

Using an Object Appearance

An object appearance must have an owner, and a name that uniquely identifies the object appearance among the object appearances of its owner.

To change properties of an object appearance that affect its appearance, perform your changes between a call to BeginUpdate and a call to EndUpdate. TObjectAppearance defines very few properties that affect the appearance (Height, Visible), but subclasses may implement more. You can handle the OnChange event to react when any of these properties changes.

You may restore the default values of properties that affect the appearance at any moment.

Subclassing TObjectAppearance

To create your own type of object appearance, consider subclassing TCommonObjectAppearance instead. Only subclass TObjectAppearance directly if there is a good reason not to subclass TCommonObjectAppearance.

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