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property NativeOptions: TListViewNativeOptions read FNativeOptions write SetNativeOptions default 0;


__property NativeOptions = {default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
FMX.ListView TListView


Set of properties to customize the appearance and behavior of the list view when ControlType is Platform.

FMX.ListView.TListView.NativeOptions inherits from FMX.ListView.TListViewBase.NativeOptions. All content below this line refers to FMX.ListView.TListViewBase.NativeOptions.

Set of properties to customize the appearance and behavior of the list view when ControlType is Platform.

This group of properties provides the subproperties described in the following table. All subproperties are disabled by default.

Subproperty Description


Make cells use a grouped style. The grouped style is the style that the list of iOS settings uses.

False True
TListViewPlatform.png TListViewPlatformGrouped.png


Shows an index on the right-hand side of the list with the first letter of each header. You may tap a letter to navigate to the header that the letter represents.

If you want to display something other than the first letter of each header, use the IndexTitle of each header item to define a custom text to show for that header. Long index titles may hide important information behind them, use no more than few characters.

False True
TListViewPlatform.png TListViewPlatformIndexed.png


Make the native presentation use the style settings defined in your list view control for the following aspects of your list view:

  • Font
  • Text color and selected text color
  • Text alignment, both vertical and horizontal
  • Word wrapping and trimming

You cannot customize any other aspects of the native presentation of a list view. If you need to customize your list view further, change ControlType to Styled to use the regular FireMonkey presentation instead.

False True ControlType: Styled
TListViewPlatform.png TListViewPlatformStyled.png TListViewStyled.png

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