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property CanSwipeDelete: Boolean read FCanSwipeDelete write SetCanSwipeDelete default True;


__property bool CanSwipeDelete = {read=FCanSwipeDelete, write=SetCanSwipeDelete, default=1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
FMX.ListView TListViewBase


Sets the swipe-to-delete feature on list view items.

CanSwipeDelete specifies that a swipe gesture on individual list view items enables the end user to choose either to delete or retain the item.

When this feature has been enabled in the Object Inspector, and the end user swipes an item in a listview, the user has the opportunity to delete the item: a Delete button temporarily appears on the item. The user can then click the Delete button to delete the item from the listview, or can release the swipe to retain the item in the list view.

Tip: When you swipe an item, this item shows the same behavior and appearance as a list item selected when your list view is in edit mode. For a preview of this appearance, see TPublishedAppearance.ItemEditAppearance.

The swipe-to-delete feature is supported on mobile apps (iOS and Android), as well as desktop apps (Windows and OS X) when touch input is available.

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