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The FireMonkey implementation of interactive maps. On mobile platforms (Android and iOS), FireMonkey supports the TMapView component that adds interactive maps to your mobile applications. The basic features of this component are:

  • Four Types of Maps: Normal, Satellite, Hybrid, and Terrain.
  • Gesture Control: Intuitive tilt, rotate, and zoom gesture controls.
  • Control the Map View: Ability to control the map properties such as the map center coordinates, the map orientation, zoom and other properties.
  • Custom map layers: Ability to add extra layers to the maps.
  • Custom markers: Ability to add markers to the maps.

For more information and examples, see Mobile Tutorial: Using a Map Component to Work with Maps (iOS and Android).

Package fmx270.bpl


ICustomMapViewInterface that represents the underlying map view, such as a map view drawn using Google Maps or a map view drawn using MapKit.
IFMXMapServicePlatform service that manages multiple map views.
TCustomMapViewBase class for controls that show a view of a map.
TMapCircleMap circle.
TMapMarkerMap marker.
TMapObjectBase class for descriptor-based map objects.
TMapObjectBaseBase class for map objects.
TMapPolygonMap polygon.
TMapPolylineMap polyline.
TMapViewMap View component class.
TMapViewBaseBase class for classes that implement the ICustomMapView interface.


TMapCircleDescriptorOptions that define a map circle.
TMapClickEventEvent type that handles map click events.
TMapControlOptionControls and gauges on the map overlay.
TMapControlOptionsA set of TMapControlOption.
TMapCoordinateRecord used to store information about a world map coordinate.
TMapEpsilonTolerances for the map view used in equality comparisons.
TMapGestureOptionGestures that the map view handles.
TMapGestureOptionsA set of TMapGestureOption.
TMapLayerOptionExtra map layers.
TMapLayerOptionsA set of TMapLayerOption.
TMapMarkerDescriptorOptions that define a map marker.
TMapOptionSetMap options.
TMapOptionSetsA set of TMapOptionSet.
TMapPolygonDescriptorRecord that defines a map polygon.
TMapPolygonPolyvertexArray of vertices defining an outline.
TMapPolylineDescriptorRecord that defines a polyline.
TMapScreenshotRecipientA callback method that other methods use to save a snapshot bitmap.
TMapTypeThe type of the map.
TMarkerAppearanceThe appearance of the map marker.
TMarkerEventEvent type that handles map marker events.