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Package fmx270.bpl




IFMXAudioManagerServicePlatform services provides access to the system audio manager service, which provides functions to get information about audio files grouped by artist, album, or genre, as well as functions to manage artists, albums or genres.
IFMXCameraServicePlatform service for taking photos from a camera device connected to the system.
IFMXImageManagerServicePlatform service for the system image manager service that allows to load and save images on the system library.
IFMXPhotoLibraryIFMXPhotoLibrary is the interface to save images to the system Photo Album.
IFMXShareSheetActionsServicePlatform service for the system sharing service, which allows to share images and text with other system services such as e-mail or social networking.
IFMXTakenAudioServicePlatform service to pick audio files from the system library.
IFMXTakenImageServicePlatform service for picking photos from the system library.
IFMXVideoManagerServicePlatform service for the system video file manager service, which provides functions to get information about video files from the system library or playlist, or about all videos that can be accessed.
TAlbumTAlbum defines an audio album.
TArtistTArtist defines a singer artist.
TAudioInfoTAudioInfo defines an audio media file.
TGenreTGenre defines the genre for audio media files.
TImageInfoTImageInfo defines an image with meta information.
TMediaInfoTMediaInfo is the base class to define media information.
TMessageDidFinishTakingImageFromCameraMessage that contains a picture that the user took by request of your application.
TMessageDidFinishTakingImageFromLibraryMessage that contains a picture that the user selected by request of your application.
TVideoInfoTVideoInfo defines a video media file.


TAlbumsArray of TAlbum objects.
TArtistsArray of TArtist objects.
TAudiosArray of TAudioInfo objects.
TGenresArray of TGenre objects.
TImageOrientationTImageOrientation enumerates the possible ways to orientate the camera when shooting.
TImagesArray of TImageInfo objects.
TLocationInfoRecord that contains the geographical coordinates of the place where a photo is taken.
TOnDidCancelTakingTOnDidCancelTaking is a procedural type used to define what happens when the taking photo action is canceled.
TOnDidFinishTakingTOnDidFinishTaking is a procedural type used to define what happens when the taking photo action is finished.
TParamsPhotoQueryTParamsPhotoQuery is a record that contains query information to take photos from the library, and from the camera.
TPlayListArray of TMediaInfo objects.
TVideosArray of TVideoInfo objects.
TWriteImageCompletionEventThe type of event that the AddImageToSavedPhotosAlbum uses for the callback method.