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Pickers provide the platform-specific engine giving selection controls with a native view and native behavior under different platforms.

The FMX.Pickers unit declares the IFMXPickerService interface. IFMXPickerService defines the so-called platform service. (See FMX.Platform.TPlatformServices.) Now the FMX.Pickers unit introduces two types of pickers:

  • Date-Time pickers of the TCustomDateTimePicker type provide platform-native behavior and view of date-time managing controls.
  • List pickers of the TCustomListPicker type provide platform-native behavior and view of drop-down list controls used for the selection of string items.

For example, Windows and MacOS provide the standard calendar control for date selection, but iOS and Android provide specific controls for date and time selection.

Components that need to use the platform-specific behavior for date (and time) selection and for the selection of string items from a drop-down list can use the IFMXPickerService picker service. See the code of FMX.CalendarEdit.Style.TStyledCalendarEdit.DropDown and FMX.ListBox.TCustomComboBox.DropDown for examples.

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Package fmx270.bpl


IFMXPickerServicePlatform service to manage system picker controls.
TCustomDateTimePickerThe picker for choosing date and/or time.
TCustomListPickerThe picker for choosing a string from a list of string items.
TCustomPickerBase class for creating pickers.
TPickerFactoryServiceThis class implements the methods declared in the IFMXPickerService interface.


TDatePickerShowModeSpecifies the display mode of the Date-Time picker.
TDropDownKindDefines whether to use TCustomListPicker pickers providing platform-specific drop-down lists to select string items.
TOnDateChangedThe method pointer type used to define date and time changing events for date and time pickers.
TOnValueChangedThe method pointer type used to define value-changing events of platform-specific pickers for a string item selection from drop-down list controls.