FMX.TextLayout.TTextLayout Properties

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AttributespublicProvides access to text attributes.
AttributesCountpublicSpecifies the number of TTextAttributedRange objects within the Attributes list.
ColorpublicGets and sets the color of the current layout text.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
FontpublicSpecifies the TFont for the text layout.
HeightpublicSpecifies, in pixels, the height of the current TTextLayout.
HorizontalAlignpublicSpecifies horizontal alignment for the text.
LayoutCanvaspublicSpecifies the canvas on which to display the current TTextLayout.
MaxSizepublicSpecifies the maximum possible size of the current TTextLayout.
OpacitypublicSpecifies how transparent is the Text when displayed.
RightToLeftpublicSpecifies if the filling direction is from right to left.
TextpublicSpecifies the text within the current TTextLayout.
TextHeightpublicSpecifies, in pixels, the height of the formatted Text.
TextRectpublicSpecifies the rectangle that bounds the formatted Text.
TextWidthpublicSpecifies, in pixels, the width of the formatted Text.
TopLeftpublicSpecifies the point from the top left corner of the layout.
TrimmingpublicSpecifies the behavior of the text, when it overflows the area to draw the text.
VerticalAlignpublicSpecifies vertical alignment of the text.
WidthpublicSpecifies, in pixels, the width of the current TTextLayout.
WordWrappublicSpecifies whether the text within the TTextLayout wraps when it is longer than the width of the layout.