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function GetActionLinkClass: TActionLinkClass; virtual;


virtual Fmx::Actnlist::TActionLinkClass __fastcall GetActionLinkClass();


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function protected
FMX.Types TFmxObject


Returns the associated action link class.

Returns the class reference for the TActionLink class or for one of its descendants.

In TFmxObject, GetActionLinkClass always returns nil.

In descendant classes, GetActionLinkClass should return the appropriate class type for the action link used with the class object. When a control object of the descendant from the TFmxObject class tries to assign a value to the Action property, the setter method for Action calls GetActionLinkClass. If GetActionLinkClass returns a non-nil value, then the action object is assigned to Action. If the control object does not support actions, then GetActionLinkClass should return nil. In this case, attempting to set a value to the Action property raises the following exception:

StrEActionNoSuported = 'Class %s does not support the action'    

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