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property DataSet: TDataSet read FDataSet write SetDataSet;


__property Data::Db::TDataSet* DataSet = {read=FDataSet, write=SetDataSet};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property protected
FireDAC.Comp.BatchMove.DataSet TFDBatchMoveDataSetDriver


Use the DataSet property to specify the source or the destination dataset.

You can use a dataset of any class descendend from TDataSet. TFDBatchMoveDataSetDriver offers additional features for the following dataset classes:

  • TFDAdaptedDataSet is the base class for most FireDAC datasets, including TFDQuery, TFDTable, TFDStoredProc, TFDMemTable. TFDBatchMove for these datasets:
    • supports TFDBatchMove.AbortJob method;
    • offers improved support for auto-incremental fields;
    • setups dataset for optimal reading / writing speed when TFDBatchMoveDataSetDriver.Optimise is True;
    • creates a destination DB table for TFDTable when poCreateDest is included into TFDBatchMove.Options;
    • supports direct write operations when TFDBatchMoveDataSetWriter.Direct is True.
  • TFDMemTable:
    • at the beginning of the data moving a writer creates the in-memory table if it is not active;
    • at the end of the data moving a writer leaves in-memory table open.
  • classes supporting IProviderSupportNG interface:
    • support transaction control;
    • support obtaining of list of indexes;
    • support obtaining the source DB table name.

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