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TFDGUIxLoginDialog = class(TFDGUIxComponent, IFDGUIxLoginDialog)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TFDGUIxLoginDialog : public TFDGUIxComponent


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
FireDAC.Comp.UI FireDAC.Comp.UI


This dialog allows users to enter their DB credentials.

Use TFDGUIxLoginDialog in FireDAC GUI applications to allow users to:

  • Enter their credentials.
  • Optionally change expired passwords.

The dialog ca be used globally by all connections in an application or can be linked directly to TFDConnection. To use the dialog globally, drop it on a form or a data module. To use the dialog privately by a connection, drop a component on a form and set the TFDConnection.LoginDialog property to this dialog.

The dialog can track the login history. This is useful in environments that do not require security, such as developer workstations. In this case, set HistoryEnabled to True. The dialog stores recent credentials in the registry or the INI file, as specified by the HistoryStorage and HistoryKey properties, and offers the recent credentials to the user at login.

To limit the number of login retries, an application should set the LoginRetries property.

TFDGUIxLoginDialog has forms and FMX implementations. Use the Provider property to select the desired implementation.

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