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property UpdateTableName: String read FUpdateTableName write SetUpdateTableName;


__property System::UnicodeString UpdateTableName = {read=FUpdateTableName, write=SetUpdateTableName};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
FireDAC.Stan.Option TFDBottomUpdateOptions


Specifies a table name to use in SQL commands posting updates.

Use the UpdateTableName property to specify a database table name to use in automatically generated SQL commands. This name can be quoted. UpdateTableName must be specified before preparing/opening a dataset. 

Specifying UpdateTableName is required when FireDAC cannot correctly determine a table to post updates to or when the application needs:

  • To edit a result set obtained from a view or tables join.
  • To edit a result set obtained from a stored procedure or from other non-SELECT SQL construction.
  • To redirect updates posting to other table than the one specified in the SQL query.

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