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property AutoReconnect: Boolean read GetAutoReconnect write SetAutoReconnect  stored IsARS default False;


__property bool AutoReconnect = {read=GetAutoReconnect, write=SetAutoReconnect, stored=IsARS, default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
FireDAC.Stan.Option TFDTopResourceOptions


Controls the recovery of the automatic connection.

Use the AutoReconnect property to control the automatic connection recovery feature. 

To transparently reestablish the connection when it's broken, set this property to True. When it is False, FireDAC will raise an exception and it will not attempt a reconnection. 

The application can control the connection recovery using TFDCustomConnection events. For details, see OnRecover. A 100% transparent recovery is not possible.

After the recovery of the connection, the following are in place:

  • All the datasets have the same Active state, like before the connection recovery.
  • All the datasets have the same Prepared state, like before the connection recovery.
  • All the records that are not yet fetched are discarded, and the corresponding cursors are closed.
  • All the transactions are inactive.
  • All the event alerters are unregistered.

The application needs to take actions similar to the ones taken after logging to the DBMS server.

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