FireDAC.Stan.Option.TFDTxOptions Properties

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AutoCommitpublishedControls the automatic completion of a transaction.
AutoStartpublishedControls the automatic start of a transaction.
AutoStoppublishedControls the automatic termination of a transaction.
ChangedpublicReturns the set of changed transaction options.
DisconnectActionpublishedSpecifies an action that FireDAC should take when closing the connection.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
EnableNestedpublishedControls the nested transactions.
IsolationpublishedSpecifies the transaction isolation level for the transactions managed by FireDAC.
ParamspublishedSpecifies the custom DBMS transaction parameters.
ReadOnlypublishedSpecifies whether the transaction is read-only.
StopOptionspublishedSpecifies the stopping options of the automatic transaction.