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TIBStoredProc = class(TIBCustomDataSet)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TIBStoredProc : public Ibx::Ibcustomdataset::TIBCustomDataSet


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
IBX.IBStoredProc IBX.IBStoredProc


TIBStoredProc encapsulates a stored procedure on a database server.

Use a TIBStoredProc object when a client application must use a stored procedure on a database server. A stored procedure is a grouped set of statements, stored as part of a database server's metadata (just like tables, indexes, and domains), that performs a frequently repeated, database-related task on the server and passes results to the client.

Many stored procedures require a series of input arguments, or parameters, that are used during processing. TIBStoredProc provides a Params property that enables an application to set these parameters before executing the stored procedure.

TIBStoredProc reuses the Params property to hold the results returned by a stored procedure. Params is an array of values. A stored procedure will return a single set of values, or none at all.

Note: TIBStoredProc components should be used with InterBase Execute stored procedures only. To use InterBase Select procedures, use TIBQuery or TIBDataSet. Since Execute stored procedures do not return result sets, never use Open or Active on the TIBStoredProc component. Use ExecProc instead.

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