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TCustomRESTClient = class(TBaseObjectBindSourceDelegate, IRESTRequestParameterListOwnerNotify)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TCustomRESTClient : public Data::Bind::Objectscope::TBaseObjectBindSourceDelegate


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
REST.Client REST.Client


Represents an easy-to-use base class for your classes that access REST APIs.

If you need to create a custom class to access REST APIs, consider deriving your class from TCustomRESTClient.

Note: This class allows you to process data in the JSON format only. The XML format is not supported.

To access REST APIs using the HTTPS protocol, you should download OpenSSL libraries provided by the Indy project. Pre-compiled SSL Libraries are available here:
OpenSSL libraries are third-party software, and the use of these libraries does not imply any endorsement by Embarcadero Technologies of such libraries or any claims made about such libraries.

Note: As of RAD Studio 11.1, TLS 1.3 security protocol for Windows 10 can now be enabled. This protocol is disabled by default. So, if you are using network apps that require or support TLS 1.3, you should enable this protocol by using this reg file and running it on your Windows 10 system. To disable it, run this disable file instead.

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