REST.Client.TCustomRESTRequest Properties

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AcceptpublicAccept field of the request, which specifies the types of content that are acceptable for the response.
AcceptCharsetpublicAccept-Charset field of the request, which specifies the types of character encoding that are acceptable for the response.
AcceptEncodingpublicAccept-Encoding field of the request, which specifies the types of HTTP compression that are acceptable for the response.
AutoCreateParamspublicIndicates whether or not the request should automatically include parameters from the resource URL of the request.
BodypublicBody parameter of the REST request, as defined using AddBody.
ComObjectpublicSpecifies the interface reference implemented by the component.
ComponentCountpublicIndicates the number of components owned by the component.
ComponentIndexpublicIndicates the position of the component in its owner's Components property array.
ComponentspublicLists all components owned by the component.
ComponentStatepublicDescribes the current state of the component, indicating when a component needs to avoid certain actions.
ComponentStylepublicGoverns the behavior of the component.
DesignInfopublicContains information used by the Form designer.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
ExecutionPerformancepublicContains detailed information about the request execution performance.
ExpressionsprotectedSpecifies a list of binding components that are using this source component.
HandleRedirectspublicIndicates whether the client should automatically follow redirects (True) or not (False).
MethodpublicHTTP method of the request.
NamepublishedSpecifies the name of the component as referenced in code.
ObserverspublicIndicates the TObservers object added to the TComponent.
OwnerpublicIndicates the component that is responsible for streaming and freeing this component.
ParamspublicSpecifies a container for HTTP parameters to be passed with the request.
ResourcepublicThis property is added to the base URL to establish a complete URL for the HTTP request.
ResourceSuffixpublicOptional path to append to the Resource string when determining the complete URL for the HTTP request.
ResponsepublicInstance of TCustomRESTResponse that holds the values of the HTTP response received after a successful request.
ScopeMappingsprotectedSpecifies an owned collection of scope mappings.
SynchronizedEventspublicIndicates whether events (such as OnAfterExecute) should run in the context of the main application thread (True) or in the context of a separate thread (False).
TagpublishedStores a NativeInt integral value as a part of a component.
TimeoutpublicSpecifies a timeout (in milliseconds) for the request.
TransientParamspublicSpecifies a container for transient parameters.
URLAlreadyEncodedpublicWhen True, allows you to avoid double encoding the request parameters.
VCLComObjectpublicRepresents information used internally by components that support COM.