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OnAlignInsertBeforeprotectedOccurs when an object with custom alignment is aligned.
OnAlignPositionprotectedOccurs when an object with custom alignment is aligned.
OnBeforeNavigate2publishedOccurs immediately before the Web browser navigates to a new resource.
OnCanResizeprotectedOccurs when an attempt is made to resize the control.
OnClickprotectedOccurs when the user clicks the control.
OnCommandStateChangepublishedOccurs when the ability to execute certain TWebBrowser methods changes.
OnConstrainedResizeprotectedAdjusts the resize constraints.
OnContextPopupprotectedOccurs when the user right-clicks the control or otherwise invokes the pop-up menu (such as using the keyboard).
OnDblClickprotectedOccurs when the user double-clicks the left mouse button when the mouse pointer is over the control.
OnDockDropprotectedOccurs when another control is docked to the control.
OnDockOverprotectedOccurs when another control is dragged over the control.
OnDocumentCompletepublishedOccurs when the document being navigated to reaches ReadyState_Complete.
OnDownloadBeginpublishedOccurs when the Web browser starts downloading a document.
OnDownloadCompletepublishedOccurs when a navigation operation finishes, is halted, or fails.
OnDragDroppublishedOccurs when the user drops an object being dragged.
OnDragOverpublishedOccurs when the user drags an object over a control.
OnEndDockprotectedOccurs when the dragging of an object ends, either by docking the object or by canceling the dragging.
OnEndDragpublishedOccurs when the dragging of an object ends, either by dropping the object or by canceling the dragging.
OnEnterpublishedOccurs when a control receives the input focus.
OnExitpublishedOccurs when the input focus shifts away from one control to another.
OnFullScreenpublishedNot used in TWebBrowser.
OnGesturepublicOccurs when you perform a gesture associated with this control.
OnGetSiteInfoprotectedReturns the control's docking information.
OnKeyDownprotectedOccurs when a user presses any key while the control has focus.
OnKeyPressprotectedOccurs when a key is pressed.
OnKeyUpprotectedOccurs when the user releases a key that was pressed.
OnMenuBarpublishedNot used in TWebBrowser.
OnMouseActivateprotectedOccurs when the user presses a mouse button with the mouse pointer over a control and the parent form is not active.
OnMouseDownprotectedOccurs when the user presses a mouse button with the mouse pointer over a control.
OnMouseEnterprotectedOccurs when the user moves the mouse into a control.
OnMouseLeaveprotectedOccurs when the user moves the mouse outside of a control.
OnMouseMoveprotectedOccurs when the user moves the mouse pointer while the mouse pointer is over a control.
OnMouseUpprotectedOccurs when the user releases a mouse button that was pressed with the mouse pointer over a component.
OnMouseWheelprotectedOccurs when the mouse wheel is rotated.
OnMouseWheelDownprotectedOccurs when the mouse wheel is rotated downward.
OnMouseWheelUpprotectedOccurs when the mouse wheel is rotated upward.
OnNavigateComplete2publishedOccurs immediately after the Web browser successfully navigates to a new location.
OnNewWindow2publishedOccurs when a new, hidden, non-navigated Web browser window is needed.
OnProgressChangepublishedOccurs when the progress of a download operation is updated.
OnPropertyChangepublishedNot used in TWebBrowser.
OnQuitpublishedNot used in TWebBrowser.
OnResizeprotectedOccurs immediately after the control is resized.
OnShowScriptErrorpublishedEvent that occurs when there is a script error on the HTML page loaded.
OnStartDockprotectedOccurs when the user begins to drag a control with a DragKind of dkDock.
OnStartDragpublishedOccurs when the user begins to drag the control or an object it contains by left-clicking the control and holding the mouse button down.
OnStatusBarpublishedNot used in TWebBrowser.
OnStatusTextChangepublishedNot used in TWebBrowser.
OnTheaterModepublishedNot used in TWebBrowser.
OnTitleChangepublishedOccurs when the title of a document in the WebBrowser control becomes available or changes.
OnToolBarpublishedNot used in TWebBrowser.
OnUnDockprotectedOccurs when the application tries to undock a control that is docked to the windowed control.
OnUpdatePageStatuspublishedOccurs when there is an update on the status of the page that is being navigated with the Web browser.
OnVisiblepublishedOccurs when the Web browser window is about to be shown or hidden.
ServiceQuerypublicSpecifies the TServiceQuery associated with this ActiveX control.
WindowProcpublicPoints to the window procedure that responds to messages sent to the control.