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function  SerializeOptions(Info: PTypeInfo): TSerializationOptions; overload;
function  SerializeOptions(AClass: TClass): TSerializationOptions; overload;


TSerializationOptions __fastcall SerializeOptions(System::Typinfo::PTypeInfo Info)/* overload */;
TSerializationOptions __fastcall SerializeOptions(System::TClass AClass)/* overload */;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Soap.InvokeRegistry TRemotableTypeRegistry


Returns the serialization options for a registered remotable class or type.

SerializeOptions is used internally to retrieve the flags that describe how a remotable class or type is encoded and decoded. These flags are associated with the remotable class or type by calling the RegisterSerializeOptions method.

AClass is the registered class for which you want to retrieve serialization options.

Info is the runtime type information for the registered type for which you want to retrieve serialization options.

SerializeOptions returns the value of SerializationOptions for the class that AClass specifies or the registered options for the type that Info specifies..

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