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property Headers: TStrings read FHeaders;


__property System::Classes::TStrings* Headers = {read=FHeaders};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Soap.InvokeRegistry TSOAPAttachment


Indicates the values of the headers received with the attachment.

Read Headers to determine the headers that appeared in the part of the multipart form that contained the attachment. Headers is only intended for attachments that the application receives. When sending attachments, the application automatically generates the headers that accompany the attachment.

Headers is a string list where each string has the form HeaderName=Value. HeaderName is the name of the header, such as Content-Id, Content-Location, Content-Size, and so on. Value is the string that is the header value. Note that if you are only interested in the content type, you can use the ContentType property instead.

Note: Although the MIME specification states that the Content-Length header is optional, TSOAPAttachment requires this header and raises an exception if it is not present.

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