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property SOAPServerIID: String read FSOAPServerIID write SetSOAPServerIID;


__property System::UnicodeString SOAPServerIID = {read=FSOAPServerIID, write=SetSOAPServerIID};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property published
Soap.SOAPConn TSoapConnection


Identifies the invokable interface that TSoapConnection uses to communicate with the application server.

Set SOAPServerIID to identify the interface of the application server. SOAPServerIID is the GUID of the application server's interface. This interface is a descendant of IAppServerSOAP. Once you have formed a connection, you can access this interface by first calling the GetSOAPServer method and then using the global Supports function or as operator (Delphi) or the Supports method of the interface (C++).

Warning: Use the GUID for the interface that is generated by the WSDL importer when you import the application server's definitions. This may differ from the GUID that the server uses in its implementation.

Note: In Delphi, at runtime, you can use the interface name in code and the compiler automatically converts that to the GUID. At design time (in the Object Inspector) or in C++ code, you must specify the GUID itself, not the interface name.

Note: SOAPServerIID is only used if the UseSOAPAdapter property is true. In addition, if you set SOAPServerIID to anything other than IAppServerSOAP, you must import the definition of the application server's interface so that it is registered with the invocation registry.

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