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Package soaprtl270.bpl


ESOAPHTTPExceptionESOAPHTTPException is the class for exceptions that occur when sending or receiving an HTTP message that contains a SOAP packet.
IHTTPReqRespIHTTPReqResp is the interface used to obtain a THTTPReqResp instance.
TClientCertTClientCert class contains informational properties purposes for a Client.
THTTPReqRespTHTTPReqResp executes a method call on an invokable interface by sending a SOAP message to the server.


SOAPInvokeOptionsSOAPInvokeOptions and TSOAPInvokeOptions represent flags that customize how to handle a SOAP message.
TBeforePostEventTBeforePostEvent is the type of the OnBeforePost event of THTTPReqResp.
TPostingDataEventTPostingDataEvent is the type of the OnPostingData event of THTTPReqResp.
TReceivingDataEventTReceivingDataEvent is the type of the OnReceivingData event of THTTPReqResp.
TSOAPHttpErrorActionEnumerated type specifying an action that THTTPReqResp takes when a request returned an HTTP status code greater or equal to 300.
TSOAPHttpErrorEventEvent type of THTTPReqResp.OnHttpError.
TSOAPInvokeOptionsTSOAPInvokeOptions and SOAPInvokeOptions represent flags that customize how to handle a SOAP message.