Soap.XSBuiltIns.TXSTime Properties

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AsTimepublicRepresents the object's value as a TDateTime value.
DataContextpublicSpecifies the object that controls the lifetime of a TRemotable instance.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
FractionalSecondspublicIndicates any factional portion of a second beyond the seconds specified in the Second property.
HourpublicIndicates the hour of the day that the object represents.
HourOffsetpublicIndicates the difference between the Hour property and the hour in the local time zone.
MillisecondpublicIndicates the Millisecond of the second that the object represents.
MinutepublicIndicates the minute of the hour that the object represents.
MinuteOffsetpublicIndicates the difference between the Minute property and the minute of the hour in local time.
SecondpublicIndicates the second of the minute that the object represents.
SerializationOptionspublicIndicates how the value of the TRemotable descendant encodes its value.
UseZeroMillisecondspublicIndicates whether the string representation of this object's value includes a portion for fractions of a second when the value of Millisecond and FractionalSeconds is zero.