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property GroupIndex: Integer read FGroupIndex write SetGroupIndex default 0;


__property int GroupIndex = {read=FGroupIndex, write=SetGroupIndex, default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
System.Actions TContainedAction


Indicates a group of actions in one action list. Actions in this group act like the group of radio buttons.

The value of GroupIndex is used to define groups of actions. Actions in each group act like groups of radio buttons. When GroupIndex is greater than 0, this value identifies the group to which some actions belong. The value of GroupIndex can be propagated to all client controls and client menu items linked to the action.

When the Checked property of any action in that group is set to True, the Checked properties of all other actions in the group are set to False. That is, only one action in the group can be checked at a time.

Note: All actions in a group must be listed by the same action list.

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