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property ImageIndex: System.UITypes.TImageIndex read FImageIndex write SetImageIndex default -1;


__property System::Uitypes::TImageIndex ImageIndex = {read=FImageIndex, write=SetImageIndex, default=-1};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
System.Actions TContainedAction


Stores an index in a list of images.

ImageIndex is a zero-based index in a list of images. TContainedAction does not provide the actual list of images, only implementations of actions in GUI application frameworks provide such a property. In general, this list of images contains images that are associated with controls and menu items that use this action.

The value of ImageIndex can be propagated to all client controls and client menu items linked to the action.

Note: When ImageIndex is -1, this means that the list does not contain any images. In typical implementations of controls, an image is drawn at the leftmost position in the control, and a control's text is drawn to the right of the image. If ImageIndex is -1, then a control does not offset the text to the right to reserve a placeholder for the image. Otherwise, if ImageIndex is not -1, then the control's text is always drawn with the offset to the right to reserve a place for drawing an image.

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