System.Analytics.IApplicationActivityCacheManager Methods

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AddRefpublicIncrements the reference count for this interface.
ClearDatapublicClears the temporary data cache.
GetCacheCountpublicGetter for the CacheCount property.
GetEventAtIndexpublicGetter for the Event property.
GetMaxCacheSizepublicGetter for the MaxCacheSize property.
GetOnDataCacheFullpublicGetter for the OnDataCacheFull event handler.
LogpublicWrites an event log AMessage to the data cache.
PersistDatapublicPersists the collected data either by uploading it to a server or writing it to a file.
QueryInterfacepublicReturns a reference to a specified interface if the object supports that interface.
ReleasepublicDecrements the reference count for this interface.
RemoveEventAtIndexpublicRemoves the event at the specified Index from the temporary data cache.
SetMaxCacheSizepublicSetter for the MaxCacheSize property.
SetOnDataCacheFullpublicSetter for the OnDataCacheFull event handler.
SupportspublicIndicates whether a given interface supports a specific (another) interface.