System.Beacon.Components.TCustomBeacon Events

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OnBeaconEnterpublicThe OnBeaconEnter event is fired every time a new beacon is reachable.
OnBeaconErrorpublicThe OnBeaconError event fires every time there is a problem with a detected beacon.
OnBeaconExitpublicThe OnBeaconExit event is fired every time a beacon becomes unreachable.
OnBeaconProximitypublicThe OnBeaconProximity event is fired every time the Proximity value changes.
OnBeaconsEnterRegionpublicOccurs when a new beacon is detected within a region.
OnBeaconsExitRegionpublicOccurs when all the beacons registered in a region are out of reach.
OnCalcDistancepublicThe OnCalcDistance event is fired inmediatelly before the Distance is calculated.
OnCalculateDistancespublicOccurs before the distance to any kind beacon is calculated.
OnEnterRegionpublicEvent which is fired first time a beacon from a region is reachable.
OnExitRegionpublicEvent which is fired when all registered beacons on a region are out of reach.
OnNewBLEScanFilterpublicOccurs every time a new BLE scan filter is created.
OnNewEddystoneTLMpublicOccurs when an EddystoneTLM beacon is detected.
OnNewEddystoneURLpublicOccurs each time a new EddystoneURL beacon is detected.
OnParseManufacturerDatapublicOccurs when the Bluetooth Low Energy manager discovers a device, and lets you parse the manufacturer-specific data in the advertising data of the discovered device.
OnParseServiceDatapublicOccurs when new information from a BLE device with ServiceData is received and parsed.