System.Beacon.TBeaconManager Properties

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BeaconDeathTimepublicThe BeaconDeathTime property indicates the time in seconds to consider that the beacon signal is lost or the beacon is not reachable.
BeaconTypepublicThe BeaconType property indicates the current type of beacons the TBeaconManager is scanning.
CalcModepublicThe CalcMode property indicates the current beacon calculation mode used to provide Rssi and Distance values.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
KindofBeaconspublicRepresents the list with all the beacon format types.
ManufacturerDataParserspublicList of available parsers to parse the manufacturer data from the Bluetooth LE device related to the beacon.
NumberofBeaconsRegisteredpublicRepresents the total number of beacons that have been registered with this instance of TBeaconManager.
ScanModepublicIndicates the scan mode of the beacon manager.
ScanningSleepingTimepublicThe ScanningSleepingTime property indicates the time between scan cicles.
ScanningTimepublicThe ScanningTime property indicates the time in milliseconds the TBeaconManager scans each cicle.
SPCpublicThe SPC property indicates the signal propagation constant value used to calculate the Distance.