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Package rtl270.bpl


TBucketListTBucketList is a simple hash table that stores pointers indexed by pointers.
TClassListTClassList maintains a list of classes.
TComponentListTComponentList maintains a list of components, updating itself when a component is freed.
TCustomBucketListTCustomBucketList is the base class for lists that store items under a limited number of categories.
TIntegerBucketListTIntegerBucketList is a simple hash table that stores Integers that are identified by other Integers.
TObjectBucketListTObjectBucketList is a simple hash table that stores objects that are identified by other objects.
TObjectListTObjectList maintains a list of (owned) objects.
TObjectQueueTObjectQueue maintains a first-in first-out list of objects.
TObjectStackTObjectStack maintains a last-in first-out list of objects.
TOrderedListTOrderedList maintains an array of pointers that must be accessed in serial order.
TQueueTQueue maintains a first-in first-out array of pointers.
TStackTStack maintains a last-in first-out array of pointers.


RaiseListError (deprecated)


TBucketTBucketArray and TBucket represent a list of buckets that each store an array of items.
TBucketItemTBucketItemArray and TBucketItem represent the items in a TBucket record (Delphi) or structure (C++).
TBucketListSizesTBucketListSizes indicates the number of distinct buckets in a TBucketList object.