System.DelphiInterface.operator =

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DelphiInterface<T>& __fastcall operator =(const DelphiInterface<ANOTHERINTF> &rhs)
DelphiInterface<T>& __fastcall operator =(const DelphiInterface<T>& rhs)
DelphiInterface<T>& __fastcall operator =(T *rhs)


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public systobj.h System DelphiInterface


Assigns a value to the DelphiInterface.

operator = assigns a value to the underlying interface from an interface pointer of the underlying type or from another DelphiInterface object that wraps the same interface type.

This operator = manages all reference counting issues. That is, it decrements the reference count on the current interface (if any) before making the assignment and increments the reference count on the newly assigned interface (if any).